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Our Philosophy

A dynamic mix of entrepreneurial and professional services culture makes us an effective and unique team. 
Our Firm is a diverse mix of creative minds and broad experience in various industries gives us  the ability to invest our collective minds in helping our clients reach their goals and objectives. 
InfoDynamics was set up with the diversity at its core, our methodologies and culture allows us to work as partners to our clients. we get into the business and go beyond the obvious, harnessing intelligence, passion and creativity to define and discover new methods and directions for all our clients.
We believe that the measure of our success lies in our clients success and that why we are passionate about what we do and how we do it. 
We customize our services to fit the clients needs, because in this day and age, all business have different demands and needs,

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Giving a Presentation


Where the Passion Begins

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Managing Director

An experienced Management Consultant, with over 15 years of working on various projects and industries, Assisting different sized organizations from Start-up to large corporations in developing and implementing their strategies and plans, helping grow and build sustainability.



Business Consultant

An ambitious Business Consultant, with a vast background in IT, Economics and Finance. Worked on various consultancy projects assisting companies in creating business plans and models in line with companies’ strategies.



Business Consultant

An ambitious individual who has a passion for Finance and research assisting on research projects on macro level, used in-depth analytical skills in conducting top-down analysis to identify potential investment opportunities.